Presentation Zen ( by Garr Reynolds is a wonderful book with powerful lessons about delightful design. In my reading about its principles for designing great presentation slides, it became very apparent very quickly what the takeaway is: Show-Don’t–Tell (that is a single word) The best presentations are highly VISUAL. They captivate an audience through the… Continue reading SHOW ME THE IMAGES

What can I do with this app?

Despite being a book primarily about designing for the Internet, Steve Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think” makes a point to address what usability considerations exist in the world of mobile app design. The gist of the message is that everything we know about usability for desktop devices applies to mobile devices, but that making mistakes… Continue reading What can I do with this app?

Infinite Scrolling, Pagination, & Everything Else: It’s About Control

“Scrolling is a continuation while clicking is a decision” Joshua Porter In Nick Babich’s excellent Medium post on the UX distinctions between infinite scrolling and pagination, the concept of giving users a “sense of control” serves as a positive in the camp of paginated content. I would argue that this concept transcends pagination and should… Continue reading Infinite Scrolling, Pagination, & Everything Else: It’s About Control

Your users are apathetic.

I’m in the early chapters of a book titled “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug. In reading about Krug’s “facts of life” about web users, I came to the realization that user behavior can (more often than not) be summarized in a single word: apathetic. Users don’t care about the wall of text on… Continue reading Your users are apathetic.