“We have to accept human behavior the way it is, not the way we would wish it to be.”

mingling group of people at a table

Norman, Donald A.. The Design of Everyday Things (pp. 6-7). Basic Books. Kindle Edition.

In Donald Norman’s “The Design of Everyday Things,” Norman beautifully articulates the distinction between seeing humans as rational vs. emotional decision-makers. Understanding humans as the imperfect beings that they are is the first step towards designing empathetically.

In this brief (5-minute) podcast episode, I attempt to explain this important lesson in the context of my own experience at an early-stage startup: https://anchor.fm/nick-siscoe/episodes/We-have-to-accept-human-behavior-the-way-it-is–not-the-way-we-would-wish-it-to-be-epqcmi

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