Your users are apathetic.

I’m in the early chapters of a book titled “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug. In reading about Krug’s “facts of life” about web users, I came to the realization that user behavior can (more often than not) be summarized in a single word: apathetic.

Users don’t care about the wall of text on your landing page. Users don’t care about the attention to detail you placed on the images you selected for your blog. Users are usually, as Krug points out, on a mission. They scan for the content they’re looking for and make an educated guess at something clickable.

I’m reminded of this wonderful tweet I discovered months ago:

“People don’t want to use your software.

They want to lose weight, laugh, be entertained, get smarter, spend time with loved ones, go home on time, sleep adequately, eat good food, be happy.

Your product is only as good as the experiences it enables people to have.”


Part of empathizing with users is understanding that they don’t care about your product as much as you do. The patience you’re willing to exert in using your own product is nowhere near that with which your users will operate.

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